The arrival of Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

Not just artificial intelligence, but augmented intelligence, man + machine, is here. The use of AI to augment our performance is being implemented across a variety of industries. These changes are subtle but they’re taking hold as the pressure to over perform at work grows.

  • Automotive: Assembly line workers are relying on AI powered software and robotics to keep up with the overwhelming demand. These changes have made advanced cars more affordable to the average consumer.
  • Airlines: Let’s say your flight is going to be delayed. IBM’s Watson notifies flight attendants automatically. Watson lets them know which passengers are going to miss their connecting flight. Watson then provides attendants with instructions. Where to go when they land, alternate connecting flights and more.
  • Marketing: Amazon is using AI to augment worker productivity. One area that’s received a significant amount of attention is marketing. Amazon uses AI to regulate dynamic pricing. They use it to change product descriptions. To alter product rankings based on a variety of factors. Amazon uses your spending habits to determine the price you’ll pay. Loyal customers pay more, infrequent or irregular customers pay less.
  • Warehousing: Robotics company Symbiotic is working to augment and automate the grocery distribution business. Blue chip brands like Amazon and Lego have already used AI and robotics to augment or in some cases, completely automate their warehouses.

Augmented intelligence is, for many industries, a fundamental part of work. Instead of replacing productive workers, technology at this stage is being used to amplify performance. Expect these trends to continue until…

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